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Re-Thick-U-Lust is a pole dancing class in Climbax Dance Studio created by women with curves for women with curves. Feeling a desire to further effectively push inclusion in the pole dancing industry, Re-Thick-U-Lust was created to show that everyBODY can pole. Re-Thick-U-Lust provides a safe space for curvaceous, full-figured, and BBW women to grow and learn while building self-confidence and having fun.


This brand is meant to teach the art of pole dancing at a comfortable pace while being in the presence of similar and like-minded women. We will be exploring different pole dancing styles, improving flexibility, self-assurance, and strength while simultaneously becoming and staying physically fit. Re-Thick-U-Lust is changing the pole industry standards. We aim to rid the pole dancing community of its ideal and model body shape image and motivate women of all sizes into becoming their best selves. I invite you to join me as we #BodyThePole!

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