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About Us


Mission Statement

Our mission here at Climbax Dance Studio is to provide a life enhancing experience for your mind, body, and soul through the art of pole fitness, chair dancing, and twerk. Our professional and diverse teachings will not only get your body in shape, but will reshape your outlook on yourself. Climbax champions body positivity, empowerment, self expression and community by listening to each individual’s goals and pushing towards them. You will learn and grow, while having fun, in a welcoming, liberating and comfortable environment for every BODY

Meet Harley

Harley is a well-versed and passionate dance instructor whose love for dance has grown into a life-changing career. She graduated from the School of the Arts in Newark, New Jersey, and attained her college degree thereafter. Harley has been an artist her entire life.  She spent her earlier years attending and singing at the 1st performing arts high school in the nation while touring with the Garden State Ballet.

Artistry and dance have always been essential in her life. Her zeal for the arts led her to try her first pole dancing lesson in college.  That was the moment she began falling in love with the craft. Harley applied the same dedication and passion that was already instilled in her and began to study and take pole dancing lessons regularly. She enjoyed pole so much that she became interested in teaching it. 


Harley’s skills grew impressively as a dancer.  She began teaching pole dancing, chair dancing and heels dancing. It was important when she started this journey, and it is still essential for Harley to diversify her repertoire. This type of range not only benefits Harley, but those advantages are particularly beneficial to you, the student.


Currently, Harley not only takes every free moment but carves out additional time to train, teach and help her students. She is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals and grow to the best of your ability – all while having fun and instilling fitness into your everyday life.

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