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Frequently Asked Questions



What do we wear to pole class?

Less is always more. Leggings and a shirt are acceptable for the very first class.  However, after the first class you will probably need to wear shorts. Students typically wear shorts and a sports bra or a crop top. You are not required to wear high heels. However, heels created specifically for pole dancing are always a plus.


Are there weight restrictions on the pole?

No, X-Pole does not have an official weight limit. The X-Pert poles are professional grade poles that are VERY stable. You can do the most advanced move/tricks on them.

How long is class?

Classes are typically 1 hour.


What do we bring 2 class?

Please bring your own hand towel to clean your pole during and after class. Yoga mats and alcohol will be provided for you. However, you are welcome to bring your own. Please bring water to continuously stay hydrated.


Is pole dancing a workout?

Yes! Pole dancing is a great way to stay in shape as it provides toning, muscle growth, cardio, and endurance for the body.


Do I need to have arm strength to pole dance?

No. You do not need arm strength to take a pole dancing class. Once you begin to take classes regularly, you will build strength in many areas of your body.

Can people watch?

No. If you are not participating in the class, you cannot sit and observe. Climbax Dance Studio provides a safe and comfortable women's centered environment.  In order to assure that, everyone in the room must be participating.

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